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Restaurant Recreation: Jambalaya Mac and Cheese [inspired by S'Mac]

Jambalaya Mac & Cheese

In a city where the number of hot new restaurants has surpassed the number of hot single men, I couldn’t help but wonder…has looking for lunch become more important than looking for love?

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Trendy Food Tuesday: Cracking the Cronut Code

Homemade Cronuts with Lemon Vanilla and Chocolate Ganache Glazes

First off, apologies for my sparse and inconsistent posting as of late. You see, in two days, I will be “taking my talents,” as the kids say, from Austin, Texas to New York City where I’ll be starting culinary school at ICE.

I know! Big move. Exciting times. Of course, this means trading in my parents’ large, fully-equipped-with-every-appliance-imaginable kitchen for a tiny city dwelling with a mini fridge and one small section of counter space.

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