As General Ulysses S. Grant once exclaimed on a cold morning before battle, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

(He was an alcoholic.)

You may be asking yourself similar questions about me. Like, who even is this guy? Why do I give a shit what he has to say? Well first off, I’m gonna have to politely ask your inner monologue to reel in the attitude; it is unbecoming. I will give you my bio but I will try to keep it brief. You know that first day of school where everyone goes around the circle and says fun facts about themselves as a “get to know you” exercise? I hate that day.

My name is Shay Spence, and this is my blog. I recently graduated college with a political science degree and proceeded to immediately throw that degree in the garbage in pursuit of a relatively newfound passion of mine: food.  Don’t get me wrong; I have always loved to eat, but up until my junior year of college I was more of a “first name basis with the Wendy’s cashier” type of eater. I had literally never cooked anything that didn’t have a recipe of “1. Remove from box, 2. Microwave.”

It was the bizarre schedule I kept as a student that facilitated the discovery of my culinary passion. With random two hour pockets of free time between classes in the middle of the day, I uncovered the glorious world of daytime cooking television. This quickly turned from occasional pastime to full-blown obsession; I was having daily love affairs with the likes of Paula Deen and Giada de Laurentiis. I hooked up a TV in the kitchen of my college apartment so I could cook myself lunch and watch the Barefoot Contessa prepare a surprise party for all the fabulous people in the Hamptons at the same time.  It took two and a half post-graduate nervous breakdowns and a day long marathon of Iron Chef America for me to finally realize that this is what I wanted to do for, like, a job. In the ten months since I graduated, I’ve worked a variety of jobs in the restaurant and food service industry in my hometown of Austin, TX, mainly working with Royito’s, developing recipes.

My path to culinary awareness is a natural segue way into the other great love of my life: television. I firmly believe that all of life’s problems can be solved with a glass of red wine and the drunken sob of a Bachelor contestant. And I’m really not going to limit myself to TV either- I love movies, bad music, current events, knowing too many personal details about celebrities, etc. Pretty much anything in the realm of pop culture, I am down with it.

Since I am not of aware of a job that allows you to sit around, watch TV, and cook all day (if you know of one get at me), I did the second best thing and created a blog. Here I take my passion for creating delicious and beautiful dishes from creative uses of simple, classic ingredients, and merge it with my passion for seemingly useless pop cultural knowledge. It’s the intersection of vanity and gluttony. I’m not sure where my audience lies or where this endeavor will take me, but in the words of Kim Richards in the opening montage of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 3, “Life is a journey, and I’m finding myself every day.”

(She is also an alcoholic.)


  1. I hated that day too. And I’m glad I saw your blog–I like it lots. Cheers!

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