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Trendy Food Tuesday: Cracking the Cronut Code

Homemade Cronuts with Lemon Vanilla and Chocolate Ganache Glazes

First off, apologies for my sparse and inconsistent posting as of late. You see, in two days, I will be “taking my talents,” as the kids say, from Austin, Texas to New York City where I’ll be starting culinary school at ICE.

I know! Big move. Exciting times. Of course, this means trading in my parents’ large, fully-equipped-with-every-appliance-imaginable kitchen for a tiny city dwelling with a mini fridge and one small section of counter space.

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Trendy Food Tuesday: Spotlight Macarons


A couple of weeks ago, I had this genius realization during my daily routine of mindlessly scrolling through food porn pictures and recipes online: people love the crap out of macarons. Seriously. They are right up there with quinoa and Nutella as the Holy Trinity of potential Pinterest explosion.

I was so excited by this new revelation that I even took to twitter to boldly declare them as “the new cupcakes” to my legion of followers (like 300, but whatever that was enough for the Spartans.) What a trend spotter I am, I thought. I am so cutting edge. I should have my own TV show where I just, like, talk about trendy foods. I’ll basically be the Ellen of the culinary world.

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[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Red Velvet Black and White Cookies in Salute of Seinfeld


Welcome to the first installment of a new (every other?) weekly feature on this blog, the Throwback Thursday. No, this is not a forum for you to post a pic of you and all your old besties at the middle school dance so you can make fun of Tina’s scoliosis brace. Leave that for the ‘gram.

My version of #tbt involves me breaking into the vault of old movies, TV shows, and various other pop cultural phenomena in order to reintroduce them to myself, and to you, my screaming audience of devoted readers. (You really shouldn’t scream at the computer tho that’s weird.)

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Mini Churros with 3 Dippers: a Nod to Theme Parks in Honor of Jurassic Park 3D


I feel similarly about 3D movies as I do about TLC shows about freak people. It used to be fun and exciting (Avatar! Primordial dwarves!), but now it’s all played out and the field is just too convoluted. Harold and Kumar 3D? Extreme couponers? No, thank you.

I mean, don’t get me wrong- I’ll play along, for the most part. I recently donned the 3D glasses for over two hours through Oz the Great and the Powerful with no real complaints (other than James Franco’s furrowed brow, “this is my serious role” face.) (Also, I wore my real glasses to the theater, so then I had to stretch the 3D glasses OVER my real glasses and I was looking through two sets of frames the whole time, like WTF?)

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