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Restaurant Recreation: Jambalaya Mac and Cheese [inspired by S'Mac]

Jambalaya Mac & Cheese

In a city where the number of hot new restaurants has surpassed the number of hot single men, I couldn’t help but wonder…has looking for lunch become more important than looking for love?

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Spicy Asian Swordfish Skewers: Sharknadoes in Taradise

Spicy Asian Swordfish Skewers

Last Thursday, something sort of amazing happened. Our country had a brief yet powerful moment of national unity brought on by natural disaster. This disaster was not a tragedy, but a triumph. A triumph of human ingenuity. Alright, I’ll cut the crap- I’m talking about that stupid Sharknado movie.

In case you are some freak loser who experiences life through reality and not the internet and television, Sharknado is a made-for-TV movie that aired on SyFy, about a tornado full of- wait for it- sharks. Okay, well, actually it was a hurricane full of sharks, but we’re not keeping score on meteorological accuracy here.

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Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Chicken with Herb Balsamic Caprese Salad: Celebrating the Tastes and Television of Summer

Summer Recipes

Summer is upon us, friends. This is an exciting time for many people, such as: elementary school students, middle school students, high school students, college students, LFO. For everyone else, though, it doesn’t really matter so much because we realize that “summer vacation” is not really a thing and all the changing of the seasons means is that you and everyone you know get to walk around all day sweating like Joel Osteen at a drag show.

There are still some exciting aspects of summertime for me though, namely: entertainment and food. (I know, these are pretty much the only things I care about year round, but in the summer they are particularly exciting.)

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